Meet our Founder, Jessica Gremley

Medical Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist, Laser Specialist, Healing Diets Practitioner and Author

Hi, I’m Jessi!

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Founder of Natural Acne Clinic and passionate advocate devoted to helping you feel your best and be free at last with clear, healthy skin.

In 2013, after 16 painful years suffering from acne, I unlocked the secret for clearing skin without the use of prescription meds.

Since launching my Online Acne Program that same year, me and my team of Clear Skin Specialists have helped thousands of women and men all over the world achieve “I love my skin!” results that last.

That’s right, honest to goodness REAL clearing that inspires glowing 5-star reviews.

Which is why I pour my heart and soul into my work. It’s been the greatest gift of my life to help people shed the chains of their acne and emerge with fresh, healthy energy as uplifting as their clear and happy faces.

Which brings me to you.

I’m here to serve. And my company is built on love, respect and absolute certainty of what’s possible with a natural, custom, whole-body approach.

Through our proven acne programs, clean, powerful products and free content, we’re in this to help you reach YOUR goals. Whether your acne is mild, severe or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

So thank you for visiting! I’m honored you’re here and thrilled to serve you any way I can.



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Jessi’s Acne-to-Advocate Journey

1995 — O no! Adolescent acne claims my skin.

  • Adolescent acne erupts. Despair ensues. Little did I know it would take me 16 years to get clear. Yikes 🙁

2002 — I yearn to make a difference

  • Graduation! I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Iowa with a major in Communications and a minor in Psychology. Free to make my mark on the world, I yearn to help people feel happy and empowered.
  • How I wish I didn’t have acne! It’s so frustrating to see the daily ravages take hold of my complexion 🙁 Plus, I feel so torn… Excited about my future but cringing in my soul every time I have a bad skin day.

2003 — My calling finds me

  • Though satisfying, I pull out of my communications career in the nonprofit world and bail on my initial career path. My relentless acne is so painful and frustrating, it compels me to take bigger action to heal myself and others.
  • My skin cancer scare also helps me realize “I must 100% take care of my skin. Now and always.”
  • I enrol in Professional Esthetics Training! Along with essential skincare, I’m keen to study the anatomy of the skin, product chemistry, topical ingredients and facial techniques.
  • The Perricone Prescription by Dr. Nicholas Perricone changes my worldview. As the largest organ of the body, I discover that skin directly expresses its inner nature—healthy and radiant OR imbalanced and blemished. And the only way to heal skin is by nurturing the body internally AND externally.

2003 to 2012 — My skin betrays me again and again

  • Despite my 10-year esthetics career at a medical office, I still can’t I clear my skin.
  • Even though I try everything imaginable (except meds) to get clear, and follow the best advice and techniques available at the time, no freaking luck. Yet, how could that be? Me, the esthetics expert? Talk about feeling like a fraud. The humiliation and frustration were tearing me in two.
  • It takes a miracle to pry me off the couch and go out with friends when I’m having the bad skin blues.

2012 — The training secrets that set me free

  • Time to mix things up! I move to Denver, Colorado, with Michael, my then-boyfriend and now husband and business partner.
  • Still battling hormonal acne at age 30, I redirect my focus to specifically help others suffering from breakouts.
  • My passion guides me to become a certified Acne Specialist. My transformative training program was based on the work of Dr. James Fulton, MD, an American dermatologist who co-invented Retin-A in 1969 and was a pioneer for his use of innovative new procedures and treatments in dermatology.
  • Farida Sharan, ND, MH, MDMA and world-renowned founder, director and Evolutionary Educator of Pure Health School of Medicine, was based 30 minutes from my home! I immediately enrolled to become a Healing Diets Practitioner, studying Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine.
  • I open the doors to my dream business, Natural Acne Clinic, and begin serving my first acne clients.

2013 — Eureka! I’ve cracked the acne code

  • My dual training put me at the perfect―and unusual―intersection of understanding the best healing foods, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes for your skin and body that ALSO protect and heal your acne at the root cause.
  • I get clear for good.
  • I open Natural Acne Clinic in Golden, Colorado, and my clients get clear for good.
  • My Online Acne Program begins clearing THOUSANDS of clients worldwide. Its 95% Success Rate and natural, custom, med-free foundation make for very happy, clear-skinned people indeed.

Today — Clearing people every day is awesome

  • Every morning, me and my team of professional Clear Skin Specialists, Estheticians and Health Specialists arrive at our beautiful new facility in Wheatridge, Colorado, with the greatest excitement to help people with acne get clear.
  • We help ANYONE who is tired of acne and wants clear skin, including young women despairing at the flush of pimples across their chin and jawline. Men plagued with terrible back acne. Teens horrified by the painful cysts that seemed to have sprung up overnight, ravishing their once baby-soft complexions. Anguished perimenopausal women still battling breakouts after decades and decades of struggle. And many others, with every description of acne imaginable.
  • Whether working with us in person or through our Online Acne Program, clients clear their skin for good AND feel much healthier, lighter and more energized.

Forever — Let’s make it a million

  • I’ve been incredibly blessed to do this work on such a large scale, through our in-clinic services and especially through our Online Acne Program. Discovering a safe, healthy, natural path to clearing skin changed my life and allowed me to transform the lives of others.
  • Yet, many MORE people are needlessly struggling. Whenever I see someone with acne, I just want to shake them and say “I have the answer! You can get clear!” How could I help them too?
  • Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal? To help 1 million people suffering from acne get clear naturally by 2030. So they can start living life to the fullest with healthy, glowing skin they love!