How To Get Rid of Acne

The truth is, Acne cannot be “cured”. It is a hereditary condition of the pores. But, your skin can be cleared while using the right products and learning how to care for your acne-prone skin. It is like having a disease that can be put into remission if your skin is cared for properly. Here are ways we know help you to be successful at getting clear skin:

  1. You need the right products specific for your type of acne. There are two types of acne: inflamed (pustules, nodules, cysts) and non-inflamed (comedones, blackheads, and whiteheads). The types of products and specific ingredients that work for inflamed acne do not necessarily work for non-inflamed acne. Just like a carpenter needs the right tools to build a house, your skin needs the right ingredients to get clear.
  2. The products must be strong enough but not too strong. Ultimately, if your products are too strong, your skin will breakout,get dry, red and flakey. But, if the products are not strong enough then you will just be maintaining your acne and it will not clear at all.
  3. Your products must be used in a specific way to clear your skin. There is a “formula” on how to you use your cleanser, toner, serums, and moisturizers to get your skin clear. For example, did you know that mixing moisturizer with Vitamin A and Benzyl Peroxide products prevents them from working and negates the purpose of those products?
  4. Last but not least, you must account for skin adaptation. But what does skin adaptation mean? Essentially, within 2-3 weeks, any product that you use, your skin will adapt to and it will stop working as effectively as it did when you first started the product. In other words, you shouldn’t allow your skin to get used to your products – you must change how you use your products or the concentration of the products every couple of weeks to keep your skin heading in the direction of getting clear.
How to Get Rid Of Acne

If you use the same products in the same way for several months you will find that your skin clears somewhat at first then just goes back to the way it was. And that is probably why you are still looking for an acne cure.

This is why what we do works and is different!

Our Clear Skin Specialists will guide you through your regimen and make adjustments to your home care regimen every 2-3 weeks. These customized adjustments are what make our program unique and successful.


Ready to clear your acne once and for all? We can help.

From our experience treating thousands of clients, acne usually appears to be triggered by a combination of issues, rather than one. That’s why a typical one-size-fits-all approach rarely works when it comes to clearing and controlling acne over the long run.

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If you have tried it all and still have acne, our comprehensive 16-week Online Acne Program is the answer. Our Online Acne Program has a 95% success rate helping thousands of clients get clear. We can help you too!

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About the Founder: Jessica Gremley

Jessica has been a Medical Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist and Healing Diets Coach since 2003. After struggling with acne for more than a decade, she became determined to find a way to clear acne without pharmaceuticals for herself and eventually, future clients. Today, she offers a complete acne regimen that combines proven non-comedogenic skincare products, natural supplements, lifestyle coaching, and support from trained acne specialists to achieve lifelong clear skin. She and her staff serve locally at Natural Acne Clinic in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and nationally via NAC’s Online Acne Program.

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