Best Acne Treatments for Men

male acne treatmentsWith so many acne treatments for men available, both over the counter and prescribed, it is hard to know the best solutions. Huge marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements can further confuse the matter.

All you know is that you want clear skin. You want confidence.

You want to walk out of the gym and feel good not just about your body and health, but your skin too. After all, the first thing people see is your face.

And it might not just be your face that you are concerned about. You want clear skin, instead of embarrassing acne on your back, shoulders and chest too.

You are not alone. Studies have shown up to 43% of men age thirty and younger struggle with inflamed acne.

And you want something simple and effective. You don’t just want an acne treatment, you want an acne solution.

The first step is knowing what is causing the acne. The second is having the knowledge to treat it.

What is causing my male acne?

There are several factors that are specific to male acne:

  1. An overproduction of skin cells that are clogging your pores
  2. An overproduction of oil
  3. Bacterial growth due to these other two factors
  4. Heredity*
  5. Lifestyle (exercise/sweat, medications, etc.)
  6. Stress (high levels of stress such as required in high performance careers or lifestyle)
  7. Diet (diets with excess cow’s milk, whey proteins, fast food and sugar)

*Although there may be ties to heredity, more and more we are seeing a connection to environmental causes such as lifestyle, stress and diet.

How do I treat my male acne?

No case of male acne is identical. Treatment options will require looking at the 7 factors above, as well as severity of inflammation. The skin can be extremely sensitive and harsh products or treatments can make it worse.

At Natural Acne Clinic, we use a variety of acne treatments for men. Ranging from a Non-Pore Clogging Home Care line called Face Reality, Herbal Supplements, Dietary Cleanses and Vitamins to Light Therapy and Chemical Peels. With the right combination of products and guidance, you can have an acne solution that works for you.

To discover more about your treatment options, checkout our online and in-office acne clearing programs.

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About the Founder: Jessica Gremley

Jessica has been a Medical Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist and Healing Diets Coach since 2003. After struggling with acne for more than a decade, she became determined to find a way to clear acne without pharmaceuticals for herself and eventually, future clients. Today, she offers a complete acne regimen that combines proven non-comedogenic skincare products, natural supplements, lifestyle coaching, and support from trained acne specialists to achieve lifelong clear skin. She and her staff serve locally at Natural Acne Clinic in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and nationally via NAC’s Online Acne Program.


  1. Hi Jessica

    I have been fighting the good fight on acne for the last 3 years and I am losing.

    Never been a unhealthy person, I exercise and love healthy nutritious foods and I don’t know what to do anymore. Every time it seems to be improving it comes back with with twice the might of before. Recently I have stopped using pharmaceutical products and relied on natural approaches trying to tear down my acne from the inside through a even healthier diet, supplements such as probiotics and zinc.

    Nothing seems to work. Do you have any ideas how to tackle this problem? I am really tired of waking up to a whole new set of acne every second morning and not moving any closer to defeating it.


    1. Hi Herman, thanks for your question. Your story is a familiar one to us, as we are often the very last stop for our clients after trying many different approaches and never seeing results. What you need to finally win your battle with acne is an expert combination of acne-specific internal supplements and highly effective topical products – which is exactly what makes our online acne program so unique and successful. Please look into the Natural Acne Clinic online program if you haven’t already. I think you would make a great candidate!

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