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 I just wish I had found this program sooner!

I’ve struggled with acne for 12 or 13 years. Some of the prescriptions I would get from the dermatologist caused bad reactions for my skin, and others helped my acne but got less effective over time. I was always waiting for the day I would “grow out of” my acne, but it never came. I tried some natural remedies for acne when I got tired of using chemicals all the time, but my skin just ended up getting worse.

Finally, I found the virtual acne program through the Natural Skincare & Acne Clinic and after the four month long program my skin has never been clearer. This has given me better results than anything I got at the dermatologist, and I feel better about the products I’m using. I just wish I had found this program sooner!

Karen C.- 5/23/2017

Completely clear and confident!!!

In my 40’s and still having breakouts…. ugg!!! I figured I would just have to live with it!! I had tried EVERYTHING!!!
Until, I stumbled across these gems!! This program is amazing.. they know their stuff!
Hang in there for 90 days, follow exactly as they say and you will be amazed and thrilled with the results!
I can’t thank them enough! Completely clear and confident!!!

Danielle G.-4/20/2017


I am 19 years old and started to get acne when I was 15. I tried everything you can possibly imagine. I went from proactive to even trying a cinnamon and honey paste and nothing seemed to work. It has been 21 weeks since I started the program and my face is completely clear and it has stayed this way. I cannot thank Natural Skincare & Acne Clinic enough! Cathy and Jessica were amazing coaches. Thanks so much for helping me!

Landon W.-4/11/2017

The Natural Acne Clinic has really changed my life

I struggled for so long with skin that left me feeling unattractive and destroyed my confidence. I tried SO many different acne care systems, dermatologists, topical treatments, and oral medications but nothing worked. I was in pain from my acne and was at the point where I had given up hope on finding a solution.
Within a month of beginning treatment (and following all of the recommendations) with Jessi and the Natural Acne Clinic, my skin was on the road to improvement. Now I can look in the mirror and not feel ashamed of my skin. My skin no longer hurts, my acne is gone, my skin tone is more even and the health of my skin has improved greatly. It feels so, so good. I still can’t believe how amazing this program has been and I am beyond thankful to Jessi and her team. This experience has been a blessing and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy and effective way to change your skin!

Megan W.-4/9/2017

This was exactly what I knew my skin needed!

I stumbled across Natural Skin Clinic as analyst ditch effort to clear up my acne before I went the heavy chemical route. I made my initial call and the conversation could not have been more reaffirming that I needed to give this a shot. I knew my skin issue could be healed naturally. I did virtual consultations with Cathy and with in the first week my skin made major improvements!! The program was all about consistency. It was easy to follow, the bi-weekly check ins kept me accountable, and now I am reaping the rewards of clear skin. I have struggled with acne for a solid decade and nothing was truly healing it! This program has taught me to take care of my skin and how to be proactive against breakups in a natural way that is much better for my body as a whole. If you are looking for a natural way to heal your acne you MUST call for your free consultation!

Jackie T.- 3/3/2017

Say yes to this program!

I live in California and still had clear results.
I actually get compliments on my skin again after clearing my acne with Natural Skincare & Acne Clinic. I have always struggled with Acne but this time it was out of control. I tried the local dermatologist in Orange County, I’ve tried so many prestige skincare lines and I decided to stop trying and start trusting a Natural and smart way to bring back the heathy and clarity in my skin.
Having acne made me so insecure about myself and I’m back to being me. So thank you Cathy and Jessica!
For anyone looking into it, let me tell you, you should commit to it, you won’t regret it.

Alyssa J.-2/9/2017

WOW! I cannot say enough good things about this program, and the people behind it!

Before I found Natural Skincare & Acne Clinic, I struggled with severe acne for over a year. I tried it all: acupuncture, naturopathic doctor,the paleo diet for over 6 months, numerous tinctures and vitamins…but nothing worked. As a result, my confidence tanked and I was becoming depressed. As soon as I began this program, though, I could see and feel a change almost immediately! As my skin begin to heal, I stopped stressing about my acne and began to return to myself. Cathy was a great coach in answering my questions and their methods really are logical and they WORK! When I started the program, I was honestly skeptical because nothing topically worked for me before, and I was convinced that my issues were more internal than external (even though I was so strict about EVERYTHING going into my body). However, their products worked wonders and I will be forever grateful for the work these ladies do. Thank you!

Aurora H.-11/14/2016

Not only did my acne completely go away but my skin tone improved soooooooo much!

I started working with Cathy at the Natural Skincare & Acne Clinic 4 months ago.
Before I found the program, I’d seen a handful of dermatologists and no one could help me long-term. They would put me on one antibiotic after the next but the clear skin never lasted long. My body would get used to the meds and my skin would get bad again.
One dermatologist told me “no one knows what causes acne and there is no cure” then suggested I go on Accutane, which has horrible side effects.
I wish I could tell that dermatologist that the Natural Skincare & Acne Clinic knows exactly what causes acne and how to cure it… and that’s exactly what they did.
Cathy was upfront with me when I began the program. She told me what to expect in terms of changes I needed to make and total cost I could expect. She educated me about how long it takes for skin cells to turnover, which helped me understand that it would take time to see real results.
I was 100% committed to getting rid of my acne so I was open to doing whatever it took. Yes I had to change my diet completely. Yes I had to incorporate a ton of different products and yes I had to spend more time and money on my health and skin but ALL of it was worth it.
I switched my diet to organic, eliminated pore clogging foods, completely changed make-up brands (sorry MAC I love you but I don’t need the MACNE no more), switched to natural deodorant, laundry detergent and incorporated tons of new supplements… and I would do it all again for the results I got.
I didn’t realize it at the beginning of the program but the Natural Skincare & Acne Clinic didn’t just improve my skin, they improved the health of my entire body. Now I can taste the difference in organic foods and I’m more educated about the negative effects that chemicals in things like deodorant and shampoo have.
Not only did my acne completely go away but my skin tone improved soooooooo much. I used to think I was just different than girls who didn’t wear make-up but now, I’m totally confident not wearing any. I even got to work one day and forgot to bring it…. I NEVER could have gone without make-up before but I feel radiant now and it all happened so fast.
4 months and a lot of hard work never looked so good.

Emyli V.-11/9/2016

I’m so thankful for these ladies!

I was on medication for acne for awhile and it just kept it at bay, but early this year (2016) my acne got really bad and I could not figure out why – I changed my diet, changed products, and went back on medication but it just kept getting worse. When I went for a consultation with Cathy Castor, I loved how she would say “when” and not “if” while telling me what the process would be if I went forward with them. So we went ahead and started the program – Cathy and the rest of the staff were SO friendly and made themselves available anytime we had a question. They worked with our schedule and made it so easy to keep up with things. Now, 4 months later, I feel like I have my face back! Most of my acne scars are even gone as well! If you’re exploring your options for help concerning acne, I would recommend this company hands down!!

Skylar W.-11/8/2016

Definitely 5 stars! I would give more if I could!

I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am to have found out about the program and to have met Cathy. Honestly, the program changed my life and Cathy was so compassionate, understanding, encouraging and positive throughout the process.
Long story short, I moved to the Denver area for a fresh start only to find myself feeling so limited because of my skin issues. I was feeling so insecure and frustrated. I had my doubts this program would work but decided to give it a try as I had tried just about everything else from medications to natural solutions. And quite simply, I am just so happy and excited that I did!
I noticed a change in my skin almost immediately. As my skin started getting clearer and more balanced, I myself, became more balanced, relieved and excited about life. I just can’t believe how much easier everything in life is when your skin is clear! I am beyond excited about the results and I would certainly recommend the program to anyone and everyone suffering from acne. My skin went from red, blemished and irritated to clear, balanced, smooth and fresh. After completing the program, I wake up so relieved, happy, confident and motivated to take on life.
Thank you so, very much everyone at the clinic, especially Cathy, for helping me feel so confident and happy and changing my life!

C.K. 11/2/2016


She looks at the whole picture and gets to the root of the problem 5 stars

After dealing with acne for all four years of college and then some, I finally was able to clear up my skin. I saw dermatologists and tried countless products, none of which made a big difference. With Jessi’s help I continued to change my diet, I found new products that have helped tremendously, and monthly check-ins kept me on track. I also found out IUDs can really make acne worse, and that sometimes doctors don’t want to hear that. I definitely recommend Natural Acne Clinic- Jessi is supportive and understanding and really easy to talk to, and I didn’t feel judged at all. She looks at the whole picture and gets to the root of the problem.

Marie M. 2/17/15

With Jessica’s help my face has cleared up tremendously. 5 stars

I can’t say enough about Jessica. She was very knowledgeable, patient and caring. I had horrible acne, to the point that I wouldn’t go in public without makeup, always self-conscience . With Jessica’s help my face has cleared up tremendously. Try her you won’t regret it! Thank You Again Jessica, you are a joy to talk to and work with.

Hannah P. 1/7/15

Finally I found Jessica and my skin has completely cleared up. I haven’t had a pimple in weeks!!! 5 stars

Love, love, love Jessica! I’ve struggled with acne for years (I’m 44) – not just a pimple here and there- I have always had painful cystic acne. I’ve been on nearly every antibiotic, I’ve been on accutane, birth control, you name it, I’ve been on it. I grew tired of these prescriptions and chemicals and wanted to find a new, natural and healthy solution. I did my own online research and tried, castor oil, evening primrose oil, tea tree oil, changed my eating habits, acupuncture and every vitamin known to man. Nothing worked! Finally I found Jessica and my skin has completely cleared up. I haven’t had a pimple in weeks!!! Jessica took the time to listen to my “acne story”, she asked a zillion relevant questions, looked at my pictures, and created a treatment system just for me! My treatment included new topical products, a “meal plan”, probiotics and vitamins, and stress control. Jessica answered my emails, phone calls, snail mail, whatever I needed she was there! If you have any skin problems, Jessica is your solution!

Carrie L. 7/8/14

I love that it is all about treating the skin from the inside out and thorough examination of diet 5 stars

I cannot rave enough about how wonderful my experience was with Jessica Gremley. I have tried many things and was very skeptical that anyone could help me with my skin. After a visit to the dermatologist locally in Knoxville, TN and horrible advice given on what should be done, I decided to look online for something geared more towards my lifestyle. I love that it is all about treating the skin from the inside out and thorough examination of diet. This was key to rebalancing my skin and was very educational. She really takes the time, through a 45 minute consultation, pictures of the skin, and helps come up with a regimen made just for you. If you are wanting something that will work and is worth the money look no further.

Lisa P. 4/10/14

My face has never looked better 5-stars

One day while googling natural acne treatments. Jessi from Natural Acne Clinic’s site came up and I decided to reach out to her to see if she can help me with my recent hormonal acne. Her products and recommended herbal supplements worked WONDERFULLY! My face has never looked better. Thanks again Jessica!

Louisa J. 12/2/13

I am so thankful I found someone who understands my skin 5-stars

I recently started seeing Jessi for treatment of my hormonal acne. I’m so thankful I found someone who understands my skin and seems really knowledgeable about this kind of acne. Not only is she sweet, affordable, and gentle, she also has been very accommodating to my schedule. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for acne relief or just a nice, relaxing facial.

Megan R. Golden, CO 12/24/2013

I am so thankful I found Jessi! 5-stars

She has been taking care of my troublesome skin for the past 9 mos now. I was struggling from pretty painful hormonal breakouts that were not improving no matter what I tried. After a series of peels, microderms, and diet/hormone controlling suggestions by Jessi, my skin is unbelievably more clear and calm now. She definitely knows what she is doing and I have greatly benefited from her expertise and knowledge. She has always been very conscious to keep my budget in mind when suggesting treatments. You can trust her to be honest because she really does care for her clients. Her new clinic in Golden is adorable, quaint, and easy to find. It is the perfect fit for her personality- warm, fresh, and comforting. If you are having any concerns about your skin, please go see Jessi at the Natural Skincare Clinic. Even if you do not have major concerns, but just want a relaxing facial, go see her. You will love every second.

Emily M. Denver, CO 11/16/2013