Alternative Treatments for Acne Triggered by Gut Imbalances

Do you often suffer from constipation, stomach cramps, diarrhea, or other digestive problems? If so, you have a gut imbalance. And that imbalance is showing up on our skin!

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While acne itself is a genetic condition, one of the most common acne triggers is a gut imbalance.  In fact, research shows that people with acne are more likely to experience gastrointestinal problems like bloating and constipation. The reason? The health of your digestive system is directly linked to the health of your skin!

Your digestive system not only helps sweep toxins out of your body, but it’s also important for your immune health. Over 70% of your immune cells “live” in your digestive tract. And this is why a well-functioning digestive system is often a first step to getting clear.

Who do you turn for help?

When acne won’t go away or keeps getting worse – and over-the-counter remedies don’t help – a dermatologist is one of your first stops. And why not? They’re experts in skin, right?

First, dermatologists have limited time. Typically, 15 minutes is about all they can spend to fully examine and evaluate your skin, let alone the gut imbalance that’s triggering your acne.

Second, since dermatologists can’t address the WHOLE you, they prescribe meds.  It’s what they know best. That means a one-size-fits-all approach of antibiotics, topical prescription creams like Retin-A (which contains pore-clogging ingredients), Accutane, and other treatments.

And unfortunately, the antibiotics that dermatologists give you can make your gut imbalance even worse!

What about alternative healthcare professionals?

If you prefer a more natural approach, you may be considering alternative healthcare professionals like nutritionists and naturopaths. And these practitioners do have a wealth of knowledge that can help you be your healthy best. And when it comes to relieving acne they may be able to get you heading in the right direction.


Naturopathic doctors diagnose, prevent and treat acute chronic illness in a holistic manner in order to restore health.  They focus on treating the underlying issues of health problems rather than just symptoms.

When it comes to digestive problems, naturopaths will often run a food sensitivity test to determine how your immune system reacts to certain foods. It also shows the practitioner which foods cause inflammation.  Naturopaths believe that food sensitivities can be the root cause of acne and if the gut is healed the acne will subside.

Naturopaths will also recommend probiotics to restore intestinal balance and herbs like licorice root to reduce such GI symptoms as acid reflux or indigestion.  Digestive enzymes are another popular “go-to” remedy for gas, bloating, and other digestive discomforts.


Nutritionists will tell you to avoid dairy, refined carbs, sugar,  processed foods, and gluten since these foods are shown to trigger acne. They’ll also put you on a diet that’s rich in fresh veggies, fruits, and especially berries. These foods are all rich sources of skin-healing antioxidants, vitamins C and E, zinc, and selenium.

They will also suggest high-fiber foods to help relieve constipation and promote healthy bowel movements.


Using fine needles and applying heat or electrical stimulation, acupuncturists follow the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine to relieve pain and promote healing.

Acupuncture for digestive problems works by nourishing related organs and reducing inflammation. During a treatment, the practitioner will target certain acupuncture points on the body to help speed up metabolism, regulate intestinal function, and increase gastrointestinal muscle contraction.

Cleanses and detoxes

Many people opt for a colon cleanse or some other type of detox to balance their gut.

These methods involve consuming herbs like dandelion root, fennel seed, aloe vera, and others.  A colon cleanse can help your intestines remove build up and prevent possible skin reactions to internal imbalances. Cleanses are often given under guidance from a natural health practitioner, but many people also use a D-I-Y treatment.

When it comes to acne, though, here’s what these alternatives are missing…

While these alternative treatments do help support overall gut health, they aren’t a complete solution toward getting clear skin.

One reason is that these practitioners aren’t Acne Specialists with training in acne formation and the skin. They have little training in all the myriad, interconnected ways diet, gut health, pore-clogging ingredients, stress levels, acne care products, and hormones impact the health of your skin.

That’s why you often see only fleeting improvement by utilizing one or two gut-balancing treatments without considering the other issues that are also impacting your skin.

Another is that these professionals just don’t have enough time in their busy schedules to allow for a more “whole person” approach to your care. Appointments can be rushed – as well as expensive and inconvenient to arrange on your schedule. Little wonder why you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle!

What can you do instead?

Clear Skin Coach on consult sm compress

The future of office visits is here and available everywhere

It’s called telemedicine, and it’s a virtual visit with a healthcare provider via video conference on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Telemedicine has actually been around for 20 years. But thanks to high-speed Internet, it’s now reaching the medical mainstream.

Five reasons why telemedicine is the next big thing in health care:

1. Better access to specialists 

You can live anywhere—even in a remote location several times zones away—and still receive access to the specialist you need. There’s no need to drive long distances or invest a lot of time and energy to visit a doctor’s office.

2. No time off work 

You can schedule your appointment during a lunch break, or before or after work. You just need to find a place that offers sufficient privacy. Even your car can work as a great visiting room when it comes to telemedicine!

3. No transportation costs

Since you’re visiting your practitioner via the Internet, you don’t spend a dime on gas, parking, or public transportation. Plus, you don’t have to worry about running into traffic jams or parking problems that can make you late.

4. No childcare issues 

Let’s face it: scrounging around for a babysitter to take care of your child so you make your doctor’s appointment is difficult, expensive, and impractical. Telemedicine solves this problem by allowing you to see your doctor in the privacy of your home at a time that’s convenient for you and your family

5. No more wasting time in the waiting room 

A video visit means that your appointment starts at the allotted time. No more showing up at an office and waiting 30 minutes or longer before your practitioner is available to see you.

Telemedicine has helped thousands of patients all over the world receive access to specialized care when they couldn’t get it otherwise. Thanks to video conferencing, it’s easy and convenient for clients to receive evaluation and treatment―as well as support and encouragement every step of the way.

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About the Founder: Jessica Gremley

Jessica has been a Medical Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist and Healing Diets Coach since 2003. After struggling with acne for more than a decade, she became determined to find a way to clear acne without pharmaceuticals for herself and eventually, future clients. Today, she offers a complete acne regimen that combines proven non-comedogenic skincare products, natural supplements, lifestyle coaching, and support from trained acne specialists to achieve lifelong clear skin. She and her staff serve locally at Natural Acne Clinic in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and nationally via NAC’s Online Acne Program.

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