7 Elements Of A Successful Acne Treatment Plan

Have you been on a journey to figure out what the secret sauce is to get rid of your acne? 

What if I told you that it is likely you are doing things to actually trigger and make your acne worse without even knowing it? 

Keep reading because I have some good stuff to share with you.

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individual results may vary

I’m Jessica Gremley… 

…founder of Natural Acne Clinic and former acne sufferer for over 15 years.  

Acne made me feel sad, helpless, and not attractive, but that wasn’t even the worst part. 

It was not knowing when a breakout would occur, what to do or how to get rid of it. 

So, I started my own investigation.

After trying everything on infomercials, products in drugstores, the dermatologist, and prescription meds, I became an expert acne investigator and finally found a way to get rid of my acne and stay clear.

Along my journey, I discovered 7 Criteria for an acne treatment plan to work. 

Below, I walk you through these 7 mission critical factors that will help you fight acne.

If you do all 7, your skin will likely experience relief from acne just like thousands of Natural Acne Clinic clients around the world.  


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Let’s dive in…

7 Criteria for a Successful Acne Treatment Plan


It doesn’t matter how expensive your skincare products are, if they have pore-clogging ingredients, like 98% of the acne products on the market, they will trigger breakouts. One surprising pore clogger found in many natural and organic products is coconut oil. Learn to spot hidden pore cloggers or you’ll be working against yourself.


The second criteria is to balance your hormones. Yes, that’s for guys, too. You can correct a hormone imbalance by taking herbs like chasteberry, Vitex, and Saw Palmetto. Another option is to avoid high androgen foods. Androgens are hormones that increase the oil production in your skin and if you have acne that’s the last thing you need.

  1. FOOD

It’s time to eliminate acne-triggering foods.  Let’s start with the good news.  It is a myth that chocolate and French fries trigger acne. However, soy and some seafood do trigger acne. The reason is because these are high in iodine. Excess iodine is excreted through your pores and triggers acne on its way out. Yes, you do need a small amount of iodine to stay healthy, but too much of it will trigger breakouts. Other common foods that trigger acne are shellfish and peanut butter. These foods are high in androgen hormones which stimulate your skin to produce more oil. If you suffer from acne, more oil is not what you need.

  1. GUT

Gut restoration is key! If you suffer from constipation, bloating, diarrhea, or gas, you likely have a gut imbalance. Conclusive research shows the health of your gut is directly related to the health and appearance of your skin. That’s because a gut imbalance allows toxins to pass into your bloodstream.  

Toxins that harm and clog your skin. Fortunately, there is an easy solution. It is pre and probiotics. A probiotic supplement feeds your gut with the good bacteria your body needs to reestablish a healthy balance. A healthy gut means happy, healthy skin.


Intermittent adjustments to your skincare regimen is a major factor in getting rid of those pesky bumps. If you workout regularly you have probably heard it is important to switch up your exercise routine so your muscles don’t adapt and you can keep seeing results. The same thing happens with your skin. You should change your skincare routine every 2-3 weeks.  Have you ever noticed when you use a new acne product it works and then after a few weeks or months it stops working for no apparent reason at all?   

There is a reason and it is because your skin is an organ that adapts just like your muscles do. When something stops working, it is a sign your skin adapted or grew a tolerance to the product. Just like you change your workouts you have to change how you use your acne products.  The Clear Skin Coaches at Natural Acne Clinic are like expert personal trainers, only they specialize in regimen adjustments to keep you clearing and not clogging.


Your skin deserves a custom regimen to target your acne triggers… not someone else’s. Most acne treatments are based on the assumption that everyone’s acne is triggered by the same things. This is simply not true. Your acne is as unique as you are. And what triggers your acne, may not trigger it in someone else. My husband is so lucky.

He can do whatever he wants and not get acne.  I have to do everything right. Not fair! I found that getting and staying clear takes a whole body approach. You have to identify the root cause or causes and fix them all. Acne, whether mild or severe has to be treated from the outside in and the inside out. This a key to controlling your acne for good


Why does stress make you breakout? Stress activates the adrenal glands to produce extra androgen hormones. Those hormones then trigger your oil glands to produce more oil. But that’s not all. Stress also generates more of a hormone called cortisol.  Which is also acne triggering.

When this happens your body needs help balancing the surge of androgen hormones and cortisol which are both acne triggering. This is where adrenal supplements are important. It works from the inside out to rejuvenate the adrenal glands and stop the hormone surge. Look, having acne is stressful enough. An adrenal supplement will accelerate your route to clear and help you stress less. 

It all boils down to this…

Any program, potion or pill that doesn’t have these 7 steps won’t do the job. But if you address these criteria, you will notice a huge improvement in your skin. 

Let’s face it, getting rid of acne can be a lonely, frustrating experience.

individual results may vary

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We’re here to help and I wish you incredible success on your clear skin journey.  Hope to see you soon! Regardless, your 1 hr Online Acne Consult is the place to start and you can click below to book your’s.  

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About the Founder: Jessica Gremley

Jessica has been a Medical Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist and Healing Diets Coach since 2003. After struggling with acne for more than a decade, she became determined to find a way to clear acne without pharmaceuticals for herself and eventually, future clients. Today, she offers a complete acne regimen that combines proven non-comedogenic skincare products, natural supplements, lifestyle coaching, and support from trained acne specialists to achieve lifelong clear skin. She and her staff serve locally at Natural Acne Clinic in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and nationally via NAC’s Online Acne Program.



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