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Stubborn acne got you down? Then you already know that acne is far more than skin deep.  It takes a huge toll on your emotional health, too.

girl with acne dealing with mental health issues

The American Academy of Dermatology says it’s quite common for people with acne to develop anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, loneliness and a decreased quality of life. Many acne sufferers say they feel frustrated and embarrassed about their skin. Or they’re so self-conscious that they avoid social gatherings with friends, trying out for sports or participating in class.

Some people say that their acne makes them feel helpless and anxiety-ridden, while others are so distressed about their skin that they would rather run away and hide!

Scientists from the University of Calgary found a compelling connection between acne and depression after analyzing 26 years of patient records from a primary care database in Great Britain. They discovered that people with severe acne have a whopping 63% increased risk of developing depression compared to people with clear skin.

It’s hard to show a happy face to the world when you’re dealing with new breakouts day in and day out. Not to mention the aching disappointment that arrives after yet another failed acne treatment. Before you know it, you’re locked into a vicious cycle of depression and anxiety…which only leads to more acne!

But here is some good news: These same studies also say that as people continued to clear their skin, their morale skyrocketed. Depression eased, anxiety disappeared, and life was fun again.

Unmask the hidden acne triggers that aggravate your acne, and you can stop thinking about your skin and start experiencing happiness and good times you deserve.

4 Ways to Beat the Acne Blues

Here are three easy ways to stop feeling depressed and worried about your skin — and start improving the way you skin looks and feels.

  1. Exercise more

Not only does regular exercise keep your weight healthy and your body strong, it’s also a great way to improve your mood!

Exercise helps release endorphins, “feel good” brain chemicals that help boost overall mood.  It also increases blood flow to the surface of your skin and circulates oxygen and nutrients to your entire body.  A good workout also decreases levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that triggers acne.

Always shower as soon as possible after exercising, though, since sweat can be irritating and lead to back and neck breakouts, or even cause acne mechanica.

  1. De-stress

Ever notice that you always break out right before an important event? It’s not your imagination. Stress is a huge acne trigger. Stress causes your adrenal glands to start producing stress hormones, which can increase acne-causing androgens.

So de-stressing calms down your acne—and your anxiety.

You can start with some gentle meditation (you can use a meditation app like Calm to get you in the right frame of mind.) Anything else you can do to decrease stress: yoga, being more mindful, even drinking herbal tea – helps as well. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a time out. It’s good for your skin!

  1. Sleep and more sleep!

A good night sleep restores the soul as well as your skin. Lack of restorative, REM sleep kick-starts that cortisol surge. And as we’ve seen, more cortisol = more acne.

Everything seems worse when you’re tired and cranky. A good night’s sleep helps you feel more relaxed and energetic during the day. Plus your creativity, performance and perspective improve, too.

Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night and take a power nap whenever you need to. When you’re well rested, it’s easier to deal with the curve falls life throws your way.

Just remember to cleanse your face before hitting the pillow each night, no matter how tired you are. Removing that excess makeup and oil from your face will keep pores clear and future breakouts at bay.

  1. Take back control!

Don’t you think it’s time to start ruling over acne rather than letting your acne rule you? Then become empowered! Do one good thing for your skin every day to help you move in the right direction toward getting clear.

This could mean going a day without makeup. Learning something new about acne.  Eating a food that’s rich in skin-enhancing nutrients. Even sitting outside for several minutes to relax and revel in nature.

Our Clear Skin Coaches are also here to help you and listen, if you feel like you need a plan to get clear once and for all, consider a 360 Complexion Analysis with a Coach.

All of these are fun easy steps to help you feel happier and more in control. And you’ll be amazed at the remarkable difference they can make.

Don’t let acne dim your light 

It’s easy to feel helpless, depressed and frustrated when you’re breaking out and don’t know how to stop it. But please stop blaming yourself. You are so much better than the number of pimples you have!

So prioritize your well-being and chances are you’ll see a healthy improvement in your skin.

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