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Alexis Thiel
17:10 28 Feb 18
I have struggled with acne for the past 10+ years and tried everything to get rid of it. Over the years I have spent a lot of money, tried multiple lines of topical acne products, dermatologists, medication, but nothing worked. After finding the Natural Acne Clinic online, the only reason I was hesitant was because of the cost. But it was absolutely worth every penny! Not only is my acne now under control, but my skin (and entire body) is healthier than it's ever been. I truly did not think these results would be possible in just 4 months! My skin is so smooth and has a healthy glow that I never in a million years thought was possible with my skin that had suffered for so long. Their natural approach to acne treatment is exactly what I needed. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone. Don't let the cost stop you like it almost stopped me. It's not just your face, it's the health of your entire body that you are investing in!
Kelli M
22:57 28 Feb 18
There are more than 5 stars to be given to two women who can—without ever seeing me in person—transform my skin in a matter of a couple months. I heard about the clinic by googling. I asked a friend who lives in Denver if she'd heard of this place as she has similar skin issues—her dermatologist recommended she try this clinic because he admitted he couldn’t offer her what he knew they could. I joined the distance program, as I live in the Midwest. It was pretty easy to follow the guidance: tweak the diet, eliminate foods and products that hurt you, and use products that support your skin and the job is it trying to do. There were two things I’d say were the best: (1) complete and instant elimination of the paranoia of “what’s my skin doing today and what can I do to deal with it?” and (2) my skin looks better now that most people my age, even after all the years of acne—sure I have some scars from cysts, but I like my glow and texture—and that makes using make-up fun. I feel like my facial features stand out much more.instead of acne and redness. The downsides for me: (1) the program cost was a bit of a shock. That said, now that I’m in the maintenance regimen, the cost is more than fair for peace of mind and wonderful skin ($100 every 3-4 months, I guess). I’m saving tons in the long-run as I won’t be buying harmful chemicals ever again (that includes harmful hair and bath products). (2) the breakouts in the first couple weeks were frustrating—they were worse than what I started with! The coach helped me though. I could tell that my skin was improving on the whole, but getting clear was an uphill climb for a good 8 weeks. Get through that, and you’ll be cartwheeling around town. I’m 38 and suffered on-off cystic acne and hormonal acne and rosacea-type stuff for about 15 years. Don’t wait. Don’t hope and try what your friend with perfect skin uses--she doesn’t have our problem. Don’t do drugs, either. I highly recommend this clinic. Yours with clear skin and a smile, KM
Allison Mastrangelo
15:46 20 Feb 18
This clinic’s long-distance program helped me tremendously in getting more education about the possible causes for my acne. I was supported and held accountable while sticking to the program and the recommendations. This program is a wonderful option if you have already tried so many medications and skin care regimens. I found a lot of valuable insight and an improvement in my self-esteem through completing this program. My skin is so much clearer, and my body feels healthier. This was definitely worth it for me.
04:28 07 Mar 18
For the last decade, I tried what felt like every product, supplement, and medicine that claimed to get rid of my acne, to no avail. From the start, Nikki and Casey were attentive, understanding, and confident that their program would clear me, even though I had my doubts. I knew it'd be a substantial investment for me, but I was tired of throwing money at ineffective or unsustainable solutions. I'm 1 month into maintenance, and I haven't broken out ONCE in the last 2 months, which was an unfathomable reality for me 6 months ago. The products and supplements are top notch. After the first couple of peels, I could see a difference in all my past scaring and pigmentation. When I started seeing results around a month in, I decided to give up all dairy and meat in addition to their diet recommendations (not required). Whether it was from the vegan diet, probiotics, herbs or the combination of all three, I feel so much better! I have so much more energy, fewer headaches & digestive issues, no more brain fog and feel way less achy and tired in general - all in addition to having clear skin :) The only downside about the program was that it did cost more than estimated range on the website, and they were occasionally out of products I needed, so I had to pay for extra shipping or drive 30 minutes to the clinic to pick it up. Ultimately though, the cost is definitely worth it. I'm really grateful to the Natural Acne Clinic not only for my completely clear skin, but my regained confidence, mental clarity, and overall health! Thank you so much!
Ellie Powell
20:58 03 Mar 18
I would 100% recommend this clinic and acne program to anyone who struggles with acne and can’t get rid of it using topical products. I was a little skeptical at first because I have tried just about everything for my skin and didn’t think the “natural way” would be effective enough for me. I was wrong. It was a commitment to make the diet and lifestyle changes, but in the end well worth it. I started feeling better, noticed less breakouts. By the 90 mark of my 16 week program, I had SUCH few breakouts. I was used to getting 10+ new breakouts in a 2 week span, now I was getting 2, if that. I am so happy with my results, now just dealing with getting rid of hyperpigmentation, but they work with you through that too! You’re able to reach out to your coach whenever you need to, even after your program ends.
Megan Berry
20:50 01 Mar 18
After struggling with acne for so many years, it's hard to believe that there is something out there that actually works. The Natural Acne clinic is seriously amazing. They have taken all the guesswork out of the process, which for me, was huge, because I've spent SO many hours pretty much reading the entire internet in regards to natural acne cures. Not only was having acne terrible, but the endless search for answers was overwhelming and so emotionally draining!! They customized a program for me and within 2 weeks or so I started seeing less and less breakouts...By month 2, if I did get a breakout they were small and were gone so quickly...such a crazy change from the scary painful monster zits I used to get on my chin that would literally stick around for weeks. Each week I was improving and by month 4 I had no acne and my skin was truly glowing. It was so incredible. I still cannot believe I am one of the success stories! The program is definitely an investment, but it is without a doubt, some of the best money I have ever spent! Having clear skin has positively impacted so many other ares of my life. I am beyond thankful that I found this place...and so grateful to all the wonderful people at Natural acne clinic that helped me get clear! Thank You!!!
G Ludovico
21:21 15 Feb 18
Natural Acne Clinic has been the best thing to happen to my skin. Dealing with hormonal acne in my 40s took a toll on my confidence and on my wallet. I was spending a lot of money on expensive acne products, medications and treatments that promised me a clear complexion but left me sadly disappointed. I worked with the Natural Acne Clinic via their online program and I can say that I am finally LOVING my skin again. The change has been amazing to say the least. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking clear and healthy skin. Worth EVERY PENNY. Thank you Natural Acne Clinic for helping me achieve clear skin!
B Lynn
08:39 12 Apr 18
My acne started getting severe and I didn’t want to do any treatments through the dermatologist that could be harmful to my body so I started looking for natural alternatives. Somehow I came across The Natural Acne Clinic and I am so beyond grateful to these amazing professionals for helping me get control of my inflamed, cystic acne! I am also grateful for their online coach program as I am from the Chicago area. Not only am I completely clear, but I am healthier and more knowledgeable overall! It takes a lot of patience and dedication to go the natural route but it is 100% worth it!:)
Rachael McCuaig
16:56 02 May 18
Cleared me up pretty quickly. I would recommend this. I struggled with hormonal break outs badly. Nikki was great to work with. Jessie was very helpful when I was needing to do some budgeting. Woot hoot
donna koval
19:30 07 May 18
I recently completed the online Natural Acne clearing program and my skin is way better than when I started. I have been struggling with hormonal acne for years and tried lots of different products, but this program was the only one that made a difference. The product are pretty pricey, but it is cheaper now that I am on the maintenance program. I am not completely clear, but I am satisfied with the results. Thank you Natural Acne Clinic.
Valerie Smith
18:10 16 May 18
This program really works. My son started getting acne when he was 9 years old. We ate healthy and organic and avoided milk products. We began with various over the counter acne meds which worked for 2 years. But when he hit puberty his acne became uncontrollable. His entire forehead was covered with acne and soon his cheeks were breaking out too. We tried a dermatologist and the products they prescribed actually made his face worse. He no longer looked like a 12 year old kid. He looked like a 17 year old with moderate to severe acne and quickly getting worse. The dermatologist wanted to put him on antibiotics. We were not willing to do this unless we tried everything else first. That is when a friend told me about the Natural Acne Clinic. Her son had severe acne for years and his face had completely cleared up on the program. We decided it would be well worth the financial investment if we could spare our son the emotional pain that comes with acne. So we signed up. Within 3 weeks the acne on his cheeks cleared up. It took the entire 16 weeks for his forehead to completely clear up. Now he has some breakouts but not a lot. He is no longer getting teased at school which is well worth the investment! It was difficult for him to stay on the diet, which is probably why it took the full 16 weeks to get clear. I would encourage anyone that has suffered from severe acne to make the sacrifice. It will be worth it.
Robin Schubert
18:06 17 May 18
After several years of trying many many remedies and products to help my teenaged son's severe acne, I stumbled upon this clinic while searching for skin-related vitamin supplements. We scheduled a telephone consultation and began the program. We noticed results right away, and by the end of the second week or so, my son's breakouts had all but stopped. As we progressed through the treatment, the surface of his skin began to improve, and the red scarring diminished significantly. We completed the entire program last week, and are switching over to a maintenance program now. I only wish we had discovered this program sooner. As someone who has researched and tried different things for years, I can without hesitation recommend this program. It works!
Allison Cole
13:42 23 May 18
Jessi and her team were there for me when I felt so incredibly low. She is an incredible listener and her blended approach to acne works wonders. Internal healing is just as important as external healing and she helped me with both. Don't even waste your time with dermatologists. Their solutions are a slippery, and often health damaging slope, and with Jessi you come out the other side with your health in tact, if not greatly improved!I would recommend her practice to anyone with acne or skin issues!
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10 Common Acne Myths

10 Common Acne Myths New 2017-11-14T22:18:11+00:00

Acne Myth: Washing your face too often causes a breakout

Myth: Washing Your Face Often Prevents Breakouts.

FACT: Washing your face multiple times a day will not get rid of acne on its own. In fact, washing too often will most likely just irritate and dehydrate your skin. The reason that washing alone will not get rid of acne is that acne starts INSIDE the skin when an excessive about of dead skin cells turn over and start to form a microcomodone (the beginning of an acne lesion). These microcomodones cannot even be seen. What is needed is active products (such as serums and treatment lotions) that stay on the skin and are able to penetrate inside the pore to start preventing acne from forming in the first place.

Myth: Acne is caused by poor hygiene and/or acne is caused by dirt.

FACT: As we just discussed in Myth 1, acne starts under the skin and deep within the pore. Acne-prone pores shed dead skin cells five times faster than a healthy pore. Contrary to common belief, acne formation has nothing to do with dirt and oil on the surface of the skin because acne forms inside of the pore and is an “inside job”. To eliminate acne that has already surfaced, washing or not washing will not get rid of it. The acne must be treated with products that penetrate the pore and slow down the cellular turnover.

Myth: Acne is caused by candy and French fries

FACT: Yes, these things can make acne worse but they do not “cause” acne. There have been studies done to prove this fact that sugar and fast food can make acne worse but is not the root cause. If it were the direct cause then everyone who ate a diet high in sugar and lots of fast food would have acne. But this is not the case. What is acne? Again, acne is an inherited disorder of the pore- you are either prone to it or not.

Myth: Acne is just a cosmetic disease

FACT: Any disease that can cause permanent scarring in addition to staph infections is something that should be taken seriously and not considered to be “just cosmetic” or a “vanity issue”. Scarring can leave the face permanently disfigured and staph infections can be very dangerous if left untreated. The self-esteem of acne suffers is real and can even lead to depression and avoidance of social situations.

Myth: You just have to let acne run its course

FACT: For some people, not very many, they never grow out of their acne. When acne can be managed with the right products such as the Face Reality program, why take the chance of it causing permanent damage? Studies have shown that people with acne get lower paying jobs and are overlooked for promotions. Our culture rewards healthy, attractive people. While this may not be right it is the way that it is. If you can do something about your acne that works, then why not!

Myth: You should spot treat zits with benzoyl peroxide

FACT: Benzyl peroxide (BPO) is best used as a PREVENTATIVE for acne, not as a treatment of acne. If you are only using BPO to spot treat then you are missing the microcomodone (the beginning of the acne lesion inside the pore and under the surface of the skin). BPO is best used as an all over treatment to areas where you cannot see the acne because it will penetrate through the surface of the skin and kill the microcomodone. Microcomodones can form under the skin up to 90 days before they surface so a 90-day regimen of BPO is recommended to makes sure everything is clear inside of the pore in addition to the acne you can visibly see.

Myth: Acne can be cured

FACT: There is no “cure” for acne. At some point in their lives, most people grow out of their acne but we never know for sure when that will be. This does not mean you cannot be acne free! The good news is that there are programs like Face Reality and Acne Specialists like me that can show you how to have clear skin despite your skins’ nature to produce acne. We are here to guide you through the process with a program that really works (even when other products have not).

Myth: Toothpaste can cure acne

FACT: This is absolutely an urban myth. Using toothpaste to spot treat acne is simply a band-aid approach. Toothpaste, at best, may dry out the acne lesion a bit and worst case scenario it may make the acne worse because it contains sodium lauryl sulfate (a known pore-clogger). Using toothpaste to cure acne will never work because it is doing nothing to treat what caused the acne in the first place.

Myth: Moisturizer will make you break out

FACT: Most people with acne are scared to death to put moisturizers/lotions/creams/sunscreens on their skin because they might breakout. You are actually very justified in being afraid of most of the moisturizers on the market, even those labeled for acne. The reason being is that most of them do contain pore clogging inactive ingredients that will clog your pores and make your acne worse.

With all that being said, if you are using active products such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, vitamin A, glycolic acid, etc. then you will need to use a moisturizer because these products will dry/dehydrate your skin. This means that you need to:

  • Slowly introduce active products to your skin for short amounts of time or on an every other day schedule
  • Use a non-pore-clogging moisturizer and sunscreen during the day to allow your skin to get the moisture it needs and so it does not get irritated, dry and itchy
  • NEVER use moisturizer over benzoyl peroxide (BPO) as it will prevent the BPO from getting deep into the pore

Myth: Products need to tingle or sting in order to work

FACT: It is true that you need aggressive products to work but if they are too aggressive then your skin will eventually get irritated, dry, red and itchy. Your skin may even breakout more from overly aggressive products because they are unnecessarily over stimulating the skin. Some companies say that this “purging breakout” is good and to keep using their products but in truth, it is just not necessary for your skin to get worse before it gets better. Almost all of my clients using Face Reality report that their skin has improved after 7-14 days of use, NOT gotten worse.

The other problem with products that are too strong is that if your skin gets too irritated then you will have to stop using the products and this will slow or completely stop any progress you could be making.