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What Are the Key Signs you Have Stress Breakouts

What are the Key Signs you Have Stress Breakouts?

“OMG not again!?!!” As if dealing with stress in your life wasn’t enough, stress-induced acne makes everything worse. I totally understand! You’re probably pretty well clued into the regular stressors, like exams, moves, your job, squabbles with a loved one, travel, money worries. And if your complexion is susceptible to stress, you’ve seen blemishes pop [...]

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Alternative Treatments for Acne Triggered by Stress

Alternative Treatments for Acne Triggered by Stress

Do you suspect that stress might be triggering your acne breakouts? You’re likely right on. What’s more, any number of situations might be contributing to stress and acne. From a rough week at work or an ongoing family upset, to illness, a lack of exercise or a demanding semester at school. Even good things can [...]

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Do Food Sensitives and Allergies Cause Acne

Do Food Sensitivities and Allergies Cause Acne?

Did you know that having food sensitivities (also known as food intolerances) can contribute to your acne? If you’re eager to clear your skin, it’s important to know the symptoms so you can eliminate these foods from your diet. I’ll explain the link between food sensitivity and acne in a moment. But first, let’s clear [...]

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Do You Have These Top Stressors

Do You Have These Top Stressors?

Changing schools―to high school or college, to a masters or doctoral program. Starting a new job―your very first or wanting to shine in a new environment. Managing relationship issues―with family, friends or significant others. Moving or relocating―packing up, leaving friends and resettling are never easy. Each of these common life situations can be super challenging. [...]

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Pregnancy Acne How to Achieve Clear Skin compress

Pregnancy & Acne: How To Achieve Clear Skin

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! You feel great and can’t wait to meet your little one. But why is your face suddenly a mess? According to WebMD, about 50% of pregnant women experience acne, especially during the first two trimesters. And it’s probably no surprise that hormones are the culprit! Pregnancy hormones—in this case, progesterone–increases levels of [...]

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Probiotics for Acne Do they Actually Work

Probiotics for Acne ― Do They Actually Work?

If you ever experience bloating, gassiness, skipping bowel movements, diarrhea, stomach aches or cramping, start taking probiotics! Probiotics are living microorganisms that, when taken orally, provide numerous health benefits. Comprised mainly of beneficial bacteria, you can take probiotics as supplements as well as eat foods prepared using bacterial fermentation such as sauerkraut, tempeh and kimchi. [...]

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Is Acne Messing with Your Mental Health min

Is Acne Messing with Your Mental Health?

Stubborn acne got you down? Then you already know that acne is far more than skin deep.  It takes a huge toll on your emotional health, too. The American Academy of Dermatology says it’s quite common for people with acne to develop anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, loneliness and a decreased quality of life. Many [...]

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Alternative Treatments for Acne Triggered by Gut Imbalance

Alternative Treatments for Acne Triggered by Gut Imbalances

Do you often suffer from constipation, stomach cramps, diarrhea or other digestive problems? If so, you have a gut imbalance. And that imbalance is showing  up on our skin! While acne itself is a genetic condition, one of the most common acne triggers is a gut imbalance.  In fact, research shows that people with acne [...]

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Birth Control For Acne Sufferers

Birth Control For Acne Sufferers

At the Natural Acne Clinic, we educate our patients about everything, including birth control and everything around it. Birth control pills, IUDs, implants, and shots are widely used today and prescribed often as a means to control acne. Most forms of birth control can have the potential to cause acne and weight gain in those [...]

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Diet Acne 3 Easy Diet Resolutions

Diet & Acne: 3 Easy Diet Resolutions to Create a Clearer Complexion

Time to get fit, buff up, drop weight, look and feel healthier. Wherever your dreams lie, you’re resolving to make change happen. And your diet is a key ingredient in your plan. But hey, can diet affect acne? You betcha! Let’s reveal 3 diet-related booby traps hiding inside your favorite “get healthy” plans, so you [...]

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