Virtual Acne Consultations

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One of the most fantastic things about our acne treatment program is that it is just as successful via virtual appointments.

Not in the Denver area? That’s ok! We have a 90% success rate with my clients that take part in our Virtual Acne Program. Thanks to the technologies of Skype, FaceTime and digital photography, we can evaluate your needs, track your progress, make adjustments to your regimen and work as a team to clear your acne- all with the same 90% success rate as our in-clinic patients.

360-Complexion Analysis ($55)

To get to know more about you and find the underlying cause of your acne, we will conduct a consultation via phone or Skype (if you live outside the US). By the end of our consult, we will have a basic idea of whether the trigger for your acne is hormonal, stress-induced, diet or digestion related. Educate you on the lifestyle habits and choices that aggravate acne- food, birth control pills (they do not all help acne), medications, prescriptions, and stress. Please be prepared for some lifestyle changes.

We will then create a customized program with the Face Reality home care products, vitamins, herbs, a Clear Skin diet and naturopathic remedies depending on your specific case and lifestyle habits. It is required that you use the Face Reality products exclusively while on the 16-week program.

Because acne starts at the skin level and is a genetic condition, we must treat the skin first and foremost with the Face Reality skin care system. Learn more about genetic acne here.

Our role is to act as your Coach and guide you through a 16-week program that will clear your skin from the inside AND out.

If you are frustrated and want someone to listen to you and guide you through a customized program, then please follow the steps below. We look forward to helping you to clear your skin!

  1. Schedule and pay for your virtual consultation via the on-line scheduling system
  2. Once you confirm your email, a health questionnaire and informational PDF will be emailed to you
  3. Take photos of your skin and email back to us
  4. Meet for our virtual consultation via phone or Skype (if outside the US)
  5. Order your home care products and vitamins through your coach
  6. Your products, vitamins, and herbs are shipped to you Priority mail
  7. Every two weeks we check-in together to adjust your regimen so that your skin does not stop responding

If you are located in the Denver area, we will discuss in-office acne treatments. We can also meet at my office which is located in Wheat Ridge. Contact me by email or phone to set-up an appointment or schedule via Book Online

Complimentary 15-Minute Phone Call

IMG_1544 resized smallerWant to find out if we are the right fit for you? Have a few questions before completing the questionnaire and scheduling a virtual acne consultation? This complimentary session is done by phone call only (please no emails).

Schedule your 15-Minute call on-line or call us at 720-340-2263