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Caren Baginski
Caren Baginski
5 years ago
Like so many others, I have tried everything over the past 20 years to try to get rid of my acne. Nothing worked completely or offered a sustainable long-term solution until I found the Natural Acne Clinic. I am blown away by the fact that my face is finally clear, staying clear and that I know how to handle a minor pimple if it happens. I wish I had found this solution sooner — it would have saved me so much time, energy and lost confidence. So grateful to Jessi and her team.
Zach Berkompas
Zach Berkompas
5 years ago
I just completed the Online Acne Program and I am very pleased with the results! There is no easy solution or quick fix for acne. It’s a deep seated problem that can be caused by so many different factors. However, Natural Acne Clinic and their coaches will help you walk through the process of eliminating all potential triggers and ultimately helping you discover your unique acne triggers. I now have the tools I need to stay clear forever and I’m extremely grateful to my coach Lindsey for walking me through the process. It was not easy, but we made it!
Mahaley Patel
Mahaley Patel
5 years ago
Beyond grateful to have found the natural acne clinic. I worked with Lindsey during the 16-week program and I have not had one pimple in almost two months. The program is effective and their products are reasonably priced and actually good for your skin. They are so knowledgable and truly do an overhaul on your skin health. I feel so grateful to have finally found a place where I can count on the skincare and that I now know what I can and cannot put on my face.