Ultra Firming Peptide Lotion offers a superb firming formulation leveraging the power of bioactive peptides to fight the effects of aging in the skin. Ultra Firming Peptide increases cellular functionality with enhanced anti-aging peptides. DMAE tightens skin and results in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. With ultra-potent antioxidant alpha lipoic acid, this provides healthy glow, boosts other antioxidants and defends against free radical damage in both oil loving and water loving parts of the cell. L-retinol, a fat soluble antioxidant vitamin, works on deeper layers of the skin to improve skin texture, even skin tone, mottled pigmentation, enhance skin color and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. With continued use significant results may be seen in fighting the signs of aging.

*This item has replaced the Vital Therapy Ultra Firming Peptide Lotion- the formula and ingredients are exactly the same.


Tightens skin
Fights signs of aging
Evens skin tone and texture