A chirally correct form of hyaluronic acid coupled with an amalgamation of vitamins and nutrients all in a superior hydrating serum. Hyaluronic acid has been found to bind more water to cells than any other ingredient pound for pound. Antioxidant vitamin A, energy boosting vitamin B-complex, scar healing antioxidant vitamin E, moisture intense aloe vera and anti-microbial honey fortify skin tissue. Borage oil and rose hip seed oil condition and revivify skin’s plump moisturized feel. This light yet intense serum provides such incredible hydration that this specialized serum may be applied only once or twice a week to renew skin to its intended moisture level.

*This item has replaced the Vital Therapy Hydrating Rain- the formula and ingredients are exactly the same.


Moisturizes skin membrane
Binds hydration to cell
Supplies deep skin nourishment
Increases supple texture of tissue