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Adrenal Stress Formula for Hormonal Acne

Adrenal Stress Formula

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Product Description

Adrenal Stress Formula- whenever stress, nervous tension, anxiety and hyperactivity are present, the adrenal glands are drained. In the 3 Best Natural Treatment for Hormonal Acne we explain how stress affects acne-prone skin.

The Adrenal Formula is used when stress levels are above a 5 on a 1-10 scale. Stress increases androgen levels in females, and therefore is an acne trigger. This particular formula would also be recommended for melasma, migraines or frequent headaches, PCOS, late periods or breaks out when stressed.

This formula provides the missing nutrients needed to strengthen, support and rebuild the adrenal glands, which deal with stress and stimulate the response needed to deal with the situation. When one has high anxiety, is in conflict, facing deadlines, emergencies or has trauma this formula is needed to repair the over-worked and burnt-out adrenal glands.

This formula contains: Borage flowers and leaves, Mullein leaves, Lobelia, Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Hawthorn berries, Parsley root

Veg Caps, 60 caps

1 twice per day

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Weight 2.5 oz
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