Welcome to my little corner of the world! My name is Jessica Fanning, Licensed Esthetician and Acne Specialist, and I live in Lakewood, Colorado- the gorgeous foothills of the Rocky Mountains! My passion for people, healthy living and skin care (specifically acne) has led me on this path to reach as many people as possible to help them heal their acne from the inside and out. I too suffered from teenage acne and scarring that lasted for about five years. Even today, as I write this post 16 years later, I have a hormonal breakout on my chin that decided to pop up last week. That being said, I now know the cause and how to clear it up in just a day or two;)

I invite you to take a peek around on my site. Keep in mind it is ever evolving as I am always reading, researching and learning as much as I can about acne treatments and causes. So, please, come back often to find new information or subscribe to my blog feed to keep up-to-date on new information that can help you cure your acne. You are the reason I research and learn and I am so thrilled to have an outlet!

I want to give you a quick “tour” of my website…in a nutshell, it is an internet based clinic (via a Zoom video call), information portal and store. Under the “Book an E-Consultation” tab you can learn how an e-consult works, my one-on-one approach and what tools I use to help you from a distance. Under the “Acne Information” tab is where you will find information on types of acne, external and internal causes of acne, pore clogging ingredients and a list of birth control pills that cause acne. This is also where I will be adding more and more information about systemic causes of acne such as inflammation, leaky gut syndrome, high testosterone levels and androgen hormones, etc. Under the “Shop” tab you will find links to my store where I offer products for purchase to treat inflamed and non-inflamed acne. The highly effective skin care line I recommend is Face Reality and the pharmaceutical-grade vitamins I recommend are Vitamedica.

ALL the information here and products are based on natural cures for acne and preventing acne. I am a true believer in discovering the cause of your acne in order to find a long-lasting solution. This is what I spend my time researching and will, in turn, provide to you in hopes that I can reach as many people as possible and help them to clear their skin once and for all.

Every week or two I will post a new blog. Really, expect a little bit of everything. Posts will vary from current medical research on natural acne treatments to healthy recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and how to use acne products at home. I even plan to post blogs and videos on how to make your own acne remedies at home. I would love to hear from you too….if you have any ideas, feedback or questions about a blog post I want to hear it! We are all here to support one another and this is the perfect place to do so. By sharing your experience with acne, we can help others and ourselves. Just a short story or recommendation of something you have used for acne and has worked for you is perfect. Or feel free to tell us the long version:) I cannot wait to hear from you! Please keep in mind, all posts should be of a positive and helpful nature and will be moderated. Should you have questions or feedback about your personal acne curing plan or products please contact me directly via email or phone.

In Peace and Good Health,


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