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Healthy Breakfast Muffins

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Flax, Carrot, Apple Breakfast Muffins Start your day off right with these hearty, delicious and healthy breakfast muffins. They contain flaxseed meal which is one of the best sources of Omega-3's, carrots which are high in Vitamin A and walnuts which are a fantastic anti-inflammatory and also high in Omega-3's. Learn [...]

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Healthy Recipes for Healthy Skin: Breakfast

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Breakfast: Red Pepper & Mushroom Stuffed Omelet For: Adult and Teen Inflammatory Acne This recipe is rich in Omega-3’s which are an anti-inflammatory for the skin and body. One common cause of acne is inflammation systemically. An Omega-3 supplement such as the OmegaVail capsules is highly recommended at therapeutic doses in addition [...]

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